Dear Candidates,


Nurses are the backbone of our health care system. Challenges are the daily norms and being self driven by the desire to care is a must. You are new buds in the garden of nursing profession having your own dreams and ways to fulfill them. It is my pride and a moral duty to welcome you all in nursing profession which is accepted as one of the most challenging, noble and respectable profession by the people with multidimensional socio-cultural back ground.

The nurses are ready to face challenges of the 21st century: multiculturalism, globalization, changing technology, explosions of knowledge and political philosophies too. We have to accept new knowledge, technology skills and newly emerging value system in health care along with holistic and humanistic approach towards care which are indispensable parts of nursing.

Every nursing teacher of college of nursing deserves appreciation for accepting the challenge of organization and leadership. As Albert Einstein says, “Do not teach your pupils; only provide them an atmosphere in which they can learn”. In this institute, through various sessions, we are going to prove our worth. Our students are also cheerful, giggling, dancing and bubbling with enthusiasm and hopes. I am sure that students’ energizing ability, intelligent contribution and competitive spirit would bear fruitful results and each one of you shall carry pleasant memories of this college.

It is a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together. So, make nursing as your passion and you will be the real Gem one day.

Once again, I welcome you in the nursing world. Wish you all the best for a bright future.



Dr. (Mrs.) Triza Jiwan


DMCH College of Nursing