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International Yoga Day marked at DMCH

International Yoga Day marked at  DMCH

International Yoga Day was marked today in DMCH. On the occasion, a YOGA CAMP was held today in Main Reception of Hero DMC Heart Institute. The theme of International Yoga Day this year is ‘Yoga for Humanity’.

Secretary DMCH Managing Society,  Sh Prem Kumar Gupta along with  Vice-Principal and Chief Cardiologist  Dr G S Wander, Medical Supdts Dr Ashwani K Chaudhary, Dr Bishav Mohan and  Dr  Sandeep Sharma were  present on the inauguration of ‘International Yoga Day.

Sh. Prem Kumar Gupta, Secretary DMCH Managing Society said that timprove the quality of life it is important to imbibe yoga in daily life.

Medical Supdt. Dr Ashwani K Chaudhry and Vice Principal and Chief Cardiologist  Dr G S Wander advised the patients and their attendants, who were present there, to adopt ‘Yoga Exercises’ which are beneficial for overall well being.

Yoga Consultant-Dr Sanjeev Singh Rawat demonstrated various ‘yoga asanas’ that can be practiced by individuals to keep them healthy and mentally peaceful. A group of YOGA participants were also present, who exhibited various ‘Yoga Asanas’ as described by Dr Rawat.

According to Dr Bishav Mohan Medical Sudt. and Professor Department of Cardiology  YOGA is very beneficial for cardiac patients and it has been seen that over the years, the patients who have adopted ‘Yoga Asanas’ as a part of their daily routine have considerably reduced the risk of suffering from any disease.



On occasion of International Yoga Day, YOGA CAMP held for the students (14th June to 21st June) from 6am to 7am

International Yoga Day was also observed in the College Campus of DMCH and in the DMCH College of Nursing today. A daily Yoga sessions were held at College Campus from 14th June to 21st June in the morning from 6 am to 7 pm which was attended by students of DMCH.

Dean Academics Dr Sandeep Kaushal said that students participated with great enthusiasm in ‘Yoga Sessions’ being conducted at the institute.         

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