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"World Heart Day" 29th September

World Heart Day is observed every year on 29th September for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke. This year, the theme of World Heart Day focuses on “Use your heart to beat cardiovascular disease”. Sh Prem Kumar Gupta, Secretary DMCH Managing Society said that DMCH and Hero DMC Heart Institute has always been on the forefront in providing services to the patients in times of present situation due to COVID pandemic. The dedicated team of cardiologists in HDHI aim at prevention, detection, and treatment of disorders of the heart. Today, the institute offers the best services in cardiac health care with state-of-art facilities and ultramodern diagnostic procedures. Dr G S Wander Chief Cardiologist, HDHI highlighted that HDHI has set up an exclusive 24X7 helpline (9915322741) number for the benefits of the heart patients, they can get information about their health problems on phone while staying safe at their home. HDHI is also providing a unique facility of contacting concerned doctors and paramedical staff through this helpline number. A group of more than 50 volunteers including 15 senior consultants, nurses and paramedical staff was formed to provide services to the heart patients at their doorsteps. Dr Bishav Mohan, Professor of Cardiology said that cardiovascular diseases are conditions that affect the structures or function of your heart, such as: Heart attack, Heart failure, Stroke, Abnormal heart rhythms, congenital heart disease, Coronary artery disease etc. High blood pressure, smoking, intake of alcohol, follow unhealthy lifestyles, high level of cholesterol leads to heart disease. Some important tips for heart patients to keep in mind with COVID-19: People with heart disease, including those who have high blood pressure and diabetics, are at a higher risk of complications once they have contracted COVID-19. Your heart health affects your risk for severe illness from COVID-19. “Prevention is better than Cure” is more applicable in such patients. How to keep your heart healthy: · Stay at home, if required only then go outside but practice safe distancing, hand hygiene, wear proper mask, avoid touching the things outside and seek medical attention if you're having problems. · Keep healthy life style habits including - balanced diet , physical exercise, and monitoring your BP (blood pressure) and cholesterol levels, getting enough rest, Avoid tobacco and consumption of alcohol, monitor your pulse, manage your stress by doing yoga and meditation, maintain healthy weight. · Continue taking your medications. · Be in touch with your doctors, in case you face any problem contact your doctor. Heart arrest symptoms also that could signal COVID-19 infection as well. These are:- Ø Chest pain or pressure, especially during physical activity Ø Facial drooping on one side of the face Ø Arm weakness or numbness on one side of the body Ø Speech changes, including slurred or garbled speech Ø Loss of vision Ø Severe headache Ø Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing at night associated with: Ø Dizziness Ø Fainting  Back To Home Page     
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