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"World Alzheimer Day" 21 September,2020

World Alzheimer Day 21st September every year is marked as World Alzheimer Day with the aim to raise awareness and highlight the issue faced by the people effected by dementia. This year theme for the day is “Let’s talk about dementia.” Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disease of brain that damages the memory irreversibly and also affects other mental functions. Most people are diagnosed at the age of 65 year or above . Most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer disease . 2/3rd of the people in the world lack the awareness as they think it is part of aging. Secretary of DMCH Managing society-Sh Prem Gupta, in his message said that DMCH, as a premiere medical institution of the region has been taking extremely good care in overall well being of the people. According to Dr Ranjive Mahajan, Professor & Head Department of Psychiatry said that people with Alzheimer also faced the problem in daily routine activities and it has also impact on thinking and reasoning, in making judgements and decisions, planning and performing daily tasks, it brings change in personality and behaviour of the person. Unhealthy life style including consuming alcohol , unhealthy eating habit & smoking, diabetes, hypertension and depression leads to Dementia. Dr Navkiran S Mahajan, Professor Department of Psychiatry highlighted some statistics related to dementia : - 2/3 rd of the people are lack of awareness about Alzheimer and 50 million people are living with dementia worldwide ,this number will triple as one new case will be diagnosed across the world in every three seconds. 50% of the care givers suffer ill health while caring for a family member with dementia. Dementia during COVID 19 • COVID 19 has impacted the elderly people in the worst possible way. • Health system could not tackle this • Restriction during COVID19 period has adversely impact on the elderly • Important to see that they do not get socially excluded but at the same time shield them so they do not get infected. • People taking care of elderly with dementia should follow precautions,wear mask, physical distancing and proper hand washing too. • General Health needs of the elderly should not be ignored, overlooked or postponed during COVID times. There are some tips how we can reduce the risk: • Look after your heart health – BP, Diabetes, cholesterol, obesity should be controlled and cut the smoking. • Physical activity and exercise are powerful preventive medicine. • Healthy diet should be followed. • Learn a new game or new language. Adopt any new hobby to keep your brain active. • Take part in social activities.  Back To Home Page     
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